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Mavik Ventures Announces 135 Candidate Placements with OnCall Recruiting Model In 2021

BOISE, Idaho—Mavik Ventures is proud to announce the placement of over 135 candidates for companies across North America with their trademarked OnCall Recruiting Model in 2021. This milestone showcases the first year of the OnCall Recruiting model and how effective it can be working in tandem with companies throughout multiple industries including healthcare, energy, and SaaS. Compared to traditional contingency based recruiting agencies, the OnCall Recruiting model has saved companies on average nearly $19,000 per hire with an average hire every three days throughout the calendar year.

Founded by Boise State University Alumni Darren Koontz and University of Idaho Alumni Joe Kaufman, the Oncall Recruiting model was created as a direct result of identifying pain points for companies who found utilizing 3rd party recruiting agencies was expensive and misaligned with the majority of hiring needs. After conducting extensive market research, the OnCall Recruiting model was created as a simplified, cost-effective solution with Mavik Ventures’ recruiters working with hiring managers and human resources on strategy, goals, and vision.

“Our OnCall Recruiting method has proven itself to be a great solution in the marketplace to change the traditional stigma a lot of companies have had in the past with recruiters,” Co-Founder Darren Koontz explained. “We started this model to be more transparent, easier to work with, and provide long term value and service while maintaining and building relationships with our clients and their internal teams.”

“It’s extremely rewarding to find great hires and get them onboarded with the companies we work with,” Co-Founder Joe Kaufman said. “We have found our model eliminates the stress of contingency fees and allows companies and our team to be more focused on the skills and talent of the hires than worrying about financials of a large fee. It’s an extremely exciting time at the company and we are looking to grow internally to meet demand.”

Located in Boise, Idaho, Mavik Ventures works across North America with companies of all sizes. The OnCall Recruiting model allows for companies to easily switch the service on and off and determine in what capacity they need assistance. From sourcing to full desk recruiting, to restructuring hiring workflows from the ground up, OnCall Recruiting by Mavik Ventures is working on making hiring easier for companies with an eye toward continuous growth in the industry.

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