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Mavik Ventures Moves To Larger Office After Seeing Significant Internal Staff Growth

BOISE, Idaho—After more than doubling employee headcount due to significant growth from market demand, Mavik Ventures is announcing its relocation to a larger office in downtown Boise starting in the spring of 2022.

The move comes as a direct result of Mavik Ventures hiring a significant amount of team members within a year and needing to have more room for long-term company growth and sustainability. The new office space will be roughly three times bigger than the previous Mavik Ventures office with more creative and meeting space than before.

“We started exploring new locations after realizing we were quickly running out of parking spots with all our new employees,” CEO Darren Koontz explained. “This move is going to allow us to continue to grow our headcount to meet the demand we are seeing from companies interested in Mavik Ventures and our services.”

“It’s incredibly exciting,” Co-Founder Joe Kaufman exclaimed. “Growing the team has always been the plan, but the number of companies wanting to use our services has resulted in an accelerated internal hiring plan to meet demand. Moving to the new office will be a new era for Mavik Ventures as we continue to ramp up our team, production, and opportunities for growth within recruiting.”

Located in Boise, Idaho, Mavik Ventures works across North America with companies of all sizes. The OnCall Recruiting model allows for companies to easily switch the service on and off and determine in what capacity they need assistance. From sourcing to full desk recruiting, to restructuring hiring workflows from the ground up, OnCall Recruiting by Mavik Ventures is working on making hiring easier for companies with an eye toward continuous growth in the industry.

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