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Mavik Ventures Announces Hiring Event In Collaboration With HackerX

BOISE, Idaho—Mavik Ventures is proud to announce a partnership with HackerX for an upcoming hiring event hosted in downtown Boise to connect candidates with top local employers.

HackerX, the world’s largest invite-only networking & recruiting event for developers, hosts more than 350 events per year across 150 cities. The goal is to sync top developers, engineers, and designers to meet with a variety of companies face to face to facilitate conversations, connections, and potentially a new job.

The event will be held at 249 S. 16th Street, Boise ID 83702 on the evening of August 25, 2022, starting at 6:30 PM Mountain Time for candidates. Food and drink will be provided during the event.

Candidates and companies can sign up for the event through the HackerX website here:

About Mavik Ventures:

Located in Boise, Idaho, Mavik Ventures works across North America with companies of all sizes. The OnCall Recruiting model allows for companies to easily switch the service on and off and determine in what capacity they need assistance. From sourcing to full desk recruiting, to restructuring hiring workflows from the ground up, OnCall Recruiting by Mavik Ventures is working on making hiring easier for companies with an eye toward continuous growth in the industry.

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