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Mavik Ventures Wraps Annual John Borbonus Memorial Golf Tournament

BOISE, Idaho—The team at Mavik Ventures has wrapped up playing and donating in the annual John Borbonus Memorial Golf Tournament for a day focused on remembrance, camaraderie, and charity.

The annual event was hosted at Falcon Crest Golf Course located in Kuna, Idaho which contributes to sports and veteran organizations across southwestern Idaho including

the I.V.A.L Bravehearts which assists Idaho Veterans and their families who are facing a financial crisis.

On April 12, 2007, SPC John Borbonus was killed while serving in Baghdad, Iraq after bravely stopping a truck with explosives from entering his base. He was able to stop the driver of the truck, but the truck exploded ultimately killing John. He was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart for his actions. The tournament was founded as a remembrance of John’s sacrifice in preventing additional deaths on the base he made for his fellow soldiers and country. A bronze statue of John stands in Cascade, Idaho forever standing tall and a way for his sacrifice to never be forgotten.

“I think it's important for Mavik to contribute to these kinds of events that are good for the community.” CEO Darren Koontz said. “I am strongly passionate about this event because my wife’s cousin was John, and it’s an opportunity to honor him and his family while making sure we are helping veterans.”

“These kinds of events are part of who Mavik Ventures is and will continue to be,” Co-Founder Joe Kaufman explained. “We are focused on finding unique opportunities to strengthen our community and will continue to contribute to events, charities, and organizations as good stewards for our state.”

Located in Boise, Idaho, Mavik Ventures works across North America with companies of all sizes. The OnCall Recruiting model allows for companies to easily switch the service on and off and determine in what capacity they need assistance. From sourcing to full desk recruiting, to restructuring hiring workflows from the ground up, OnCall Recruiting by Mavik Ventures is working on making hiring easier for companies with an eye toward continuous growth in the industry.

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